Cloys Fisher
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Still Building Quality
1/4 carbon steel vacuum tanks ready to mount complete with tapered mounting rails, hose trays , hose hangers, hand rails, ladder, top and rear man ways, light bracket 3" intake 4" drain, primary and secondary vacuum stops.

2150 Gal 108" CA loaded on your truck or trailer $12,500
2650 Gal 115" CA loaded on your truck or trailer $15,500
3500 Gal 120" CT loaded on your vehicle $17,000
Tanks mounted and painted on your truck or ours
2150 gal up to 317 cfm pump $27,500
2650 gal up to 388 cfm pump $30,500
3500 gal up to 420 cfm pump $35,000

Equipped with all new compnents ready to go to work immediately!

$5000.00 Trade in for any vacuum truck DRIVEN to Tasco EMPTY reguardless of condition!